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Aviation Security - Aircrew Security Training:

‘Plane Training delivers Aircrew Security Training mandatory course for all aircrew – both flight and cabin crew – of UK registered aircraft:

  • Initial Training: as a 1 day classroom course

  • Refresher Training: as a 1/2 day classroom course


This training is delivered by DfT UK CAA accredited Instructors and follows ICAO guidelines and the Department for Transport’s National Aviation Security Training Programme syllabus.

The aim of this course is to ensure that delegates:

* Understand the threat to aviation security

* Appreciate the security measures in place

* Recognise firearms and explosives

* Identify an emergency situation and the expected procedures


Modules covered in this course include:

* The threat to Aviation

* Aviation Security and Legislation

* Response to security incidents

* Legal Powers

* Maintaining Effective Security

* General Security Awareness

* Recognition of Firearms, Explosives, Incendiary Devices and Dangerous Goods

* Searching, Checking and Protecting Aircraft

* Hijacking

* Emergency procedures in the air and on the ground

* Handling the media

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Accreditation: all delegates will need to pass an assessment to achieve a pass for the Aircrew Security course.

Certification: upon successful completion of the test, a certificate will be issued.

Refresher training and Validity: a refresher training course needs to be attended within the 13 month period.

Pre-requisites: to comply - in accordance with EU Regulation 185/2010 article 11.1.5 and the UK Department for Transport - all delegates attending Aviation Security training must have completed security and background checks prior to attending the course. Written confirmation would be required prior to the commencement of the training course.