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Alan Smith

After initial training as a journalist and a dip into the world of Public Relations, Alan joined British Airways in 1968 at the Heathrow Revenue Accounts office.  Within a year of joining, a promotion meant involvement in ‘in-house training’ and thus a future career with 'Plane Training was born.

Upon leaving BA in 1984, Alan spent 4 years of expatriate life in Swaziland as a Training Officer and Revenue Accountant.  Training involved tutoring local staff for various Industry and International Qualifications, both in Swaziland and a number of other countries, including South Africa and Kenya.

After returning from Africa, he spent 2 years with a small airline in the South West of England and then he returned to London. It was here that Training full time was the job remit, mostly to classes of 20+ delegates, either in company HQ classrooms or in locations up and down the UK.

Becoming self-employed in 1995, Alan spent almost 5 years working throughout Sweden for a Swedish training company based in Malmö, before linking up with ‘Plane Training in 2003. This was where he learnt to use the Amadeus GDS and proceeded to run training courses on the system.


Alan has many qualifications spanning across various GDS and including IATA/UFTAA Advanced Diploma (Geneva).