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Fares and Ticketing - Level 1:

The move to E-ticket only in the UK market resulted in approximately 40% of the content of all Fares and Ticketing Level 1 courses becoming obsolete. In order to satisfy the needs of the current travel industry market, ’Plane Training has moved forward and designed a totally up-to-date course in line with the requirements of today’s travel agent and tour operators. Rest assured that syllabus relevant material remains unchanged however, additional course subjects include:
  • Introduction to ATPCO
  • Identification and reasons for issuing automated MCOs
  • Assessing fares for rerouting in preparation for ticketing (basic and complex reissues)
  • Refunds: how to assess and calculate them
Objectives for Level 1 Fares & Ticketing Course:
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Identify IATA geographic areas, ATPCO zones and Global Routing Indicators

  • Select the lowest applicable fare for a given itinerary using Amadeus Fare Quote Display and Fare Notes Construct fares for multiple sector journeys, applying the mileage system or routing check

  • Interpret and, if required, accurately input fare calculation area details in preparation for ticketing. Recognise and fully interpret all entries displayed on electronic tickets

  • Identify the reasons for issuance and entries for automated miscellaneous charges orders. Reassess fares for rerouting in preparation for ticketing

  • Calculate refunds