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Higher Education:

GDS Courses for the Higher Education/College Market:

We are proud to offer three unique courses that have been developed to provide any Travel and Tourism related degree or BTEC student with a work related qualification that today’s travel industry employers recognise and are actively seeking.

Why choose one of our courses?

A career in the Travel Industry is an exciting and rewarding experience. Leaving College with a Global Distribution System (GDS) qualification will ensure that your students will stand out from the crowd when the time comes for them to search for employment. ’Plane Training in partnership with Amadeus UK can offer the UK college market the ideal technology travel training solution to help ensure that students leave college and find employment. 

The trainer was amazing, she knows so much about the application and she managed to pass a lot of information to us, she was very well organized. The style was very good; she always backed up her explanations with examples of real requests received from travel agencies-


We have designed the following modularised courses which run for 12/13 weeks (2 hours per week) and all courses use the Live Amadeus GDS:


How would this process work?


The above courses can be trained by:

  • Our experienced ’Plane Training trainers starting from as little as £60 per hour plus expenses 

  • Your own Lecturers

If the latter option is preferable, your Lecturers will be trained via our ‘Train the Trainer’ courses and workshops. Lecturers will be required to pass an exam in order to deliver the courses and their performance will be monitored. Trainer workshop courses will be run every quarter and more intensively during the last quarter to be prepared for the new academic year.

Our responsibility to you:


The package for educational establishments would include:

  • Access to the Amadeus training system

  • Basic Amadeus Train the Trainer Certification

  • Fares & Ticketing College Train the Trainer Certification Documentation maintenance

  • Exam Marking

  • Certificate Issue


We can offer a complete suite of courses:

  • Passport into Travel, Amadeus Introduction GDS and Fares & Ticketing Packages


Our College/Higher Education Establishment liaison would ensure ‘Plane Training works with you to better assess your students’ needs.